Washington State University Contact by Ag Code Listing

Contact by Ag Code Listing

Ag CodeNamePhoneProgram(s)Agency
9Anke Moore5-743313BMedical/Biological Research
48Josh Payne5-559913E & 14EOther State Agencies
48Josh Payne5-559913N & 14NNon-WA State Agencies
49Josh Payne5-559913K & 14KFoundations / Non-Profit
50Deb Holstad5-206611H & 12HHealth & Human Services
51Heather Beckner5-205111W & 12WHealth & Human Services Flowthru
52Josh Payne5-559913 & 14G-Z (No K & L) Not Assigned Elsewhere
53Kami Kowalski5-907612AEducation
54Josh Payne5-559913A & 14AWa State Agencies - UW
55Christine Galbreath5-204511D & 12DUSDA - ARS
57Kim Akin5-654911Z & 12Z / 11E &12ENEA; IMLS; DOT; DOC
58Kim Akin5-654911T & 12TDept of Energy
59Kim Akin5-654911V & 12VNSF
60Qingjia Li5-105013A & 14AWA State Agencies
61Heather Beckner5-205111W & 12WDept of Energy Flowthru
62Josh Payne5-559913F & 14FCounties & Local Govt.
63Kami Kowalski5-907611D & 12DUSDA NIFA
64Heather Beckner5-205111W & 12WUSDA Flowthru
65Kami Kowalski5-907611R & 12RForeign Awards - Bdgt 2949
66Qingjia Li5-105013A & 14AWA State Agencies
67Kami Kowalski5-907611F & 12FMilitary
70Kami Kowalski5-907611G & 12GUS Dept. Education
71Heather Beckner5-205111W & 12WMisc FlowThru
72Sandy Jutte5-882413C & 14CCommission Accounts
73Christine Galbreath5-204511N & 12N Dept Interior;
Deb Holstad5-206611P & 12P / 11Z & 12ZDept. Justice; Dept. Homeland Sec.
74Josh Payne5-559911D & 12DUS Forest Service
75Kim Akin5-654911Z & 12ZSmall Business Admin
76Christine Galbreath5-204511U & 12UNASA
77Christine Galbreath5-204511D & 12DUSDA Misc
79Christine Galbreath5-204511S & 12SEPA
80Anke Moore5-743313J & 14JBlanket Research Accts
80Anke Moore5-743314Z &13L & 14LSelf Sponsored Research / FPCA
90Kim Small5-2047Termed accts on HOLD
99Kim Small5-2047Closed Accounts