Washington State University Areas F&A Costs - FY 1995
1Provost and Academic Vice President$307
2Vice Provost – Student Affairs$209,954
3College of Agriculture and Home Economics$4,303
5College of Engineering and Architecture$1,156,779
6Intercollegiate College of Nursing$7,184
7College of Sciences$2,275,033
10College of Liberal Arts$378,598
11College of Veterinary Medicine$815,563
12College of Business and Economics$351,857
13College of Education$145,878
15College of Pharmacy$802,201
16Graduate School$7,339
17International Programs$376,696
21Vice President for Business Affairs$0
22Presidential Units$0
23Asst VP Personnel/Administration$0
24Human Relations and Diversity$0
25Information Technology$0
27Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs$7,644
30Agricultural Research Center$1,514,295
35Office of Research$271,562
41Cooperative Extension$149,463
48Vice President University Advancement$0
56Washington State University – Tri-Cities$321,283
57Washington State University – Spokane$99,429
58Washington State University – Vancouver$156,031
59Vice Provost For Extended University Services$11,861
 Total – Sponsored Projects$9,063,260
 Less: Administrative Fees – Student Assistance$216,242
 Less: Cost of Education Allowance$48,300
 Total – Facilities and Administrative Costs$8,798,718