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PO Box 641025
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Organizational Structure

SPS Leaders


Casey St.Clair


(509) 335-1471

Operations Manager

Kim Small

Operations Manager

(509) 335-2047
  Responsibilities: Supervises new award setups, award administrative closeout, SPS central email monitoring.

Compliance Manager

Tyler Howard

Compliance Manager

(509) 335-5599
Responsibilities: Supervises effort certification and continuing effort, manual cost share entries, faculty timecard approvals, grad school memos, accounts receivable monitoring, cash management, subrecipient monitoring, FFATA.

Kim Akin

Federal Grants Manager

(509) 335-6549
Responsibilities: Supervises post-award financial research administration for federal awards.
Non-Federal Grants Manager

Sandy Jutte

Non-Federal Grants Manager

(509) 335-8824
    Responsibilities: Supervises post-award financial research administration for non-federal awards and federal flow-throughs where WSU is the subrecipient.



International Grants Manager

Responsibilities: Supervises post-award financial research administration for awards from international sponsors, or that are sub-awarded to international suppliers, or where the work is performed internationally.

Who manages my award?

Award groups are how we assign awards to financial research administrators in Sponsored Programs Services.  Loosely, award groups are a collection of awards belonging to the same or similar sponsors.  The award group for a specific award may be found on the award header in Workday.  Likewise, the Award Contract Owner listed on the award header is the SPS team member assigned to manage that award.

How are we doing?

We encourage the WSU system to share feedback on SPS’s performance.  Are we meeting your needs? Did a member of our team go above and beyond to support you? Do you have feedback or ideas about how and where we could improve?

Please share with us via our Jira Feedback Service Desk.  

COVID-19 Provisions

For the safety and welfare of our team, Sponsored Programs Services has transitioned to nearly 100% remote work for the duration of COVID-19’s gathering size restrictions.  The preferred method for reaching us during this time is via email.  Please include the appropriate team manager in your communication to ensure coverage.  We remain committed to supporting WSU’s research enterprise, and appreciate your patience and partnership.