Awards Set Up Team

What We Do

The Sponsored Programs Services Award Setup Team initiates the award set-up, or makes changes to existing awards in Workday after notification from ORSO that an executed agreement is ready. 

Primary responsibilities include:

  • New Award Set Up
  • Manage Subcontract award lines
  • Create guarantee awards
  • RCAR requests for additional award lines
  • Process Re-budgets (Including subcontract Object 14 transfers)
  • Time Extensions
  • De-obligations
  • Award Revisions
  • Increase award funds
  • Carryforward from previous budget years
  • PI Changes
  • Create Fixed Price Consolidation Accounts (FPCA)
  • Program Income Accounts – See BPPM 40.07 and
  • Blanket Research Accounts – See BPPM 40.07 and
  • Manage Workday Service Desk ticket requests for set up actions

Who We Are


Sandy Jutte


Becky Darney

Lester Easley

Eric Clark

Jennifer Stephenson

Dene Morgan

Program Assistant

Jennifer Ambrecht

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Common Forms

RCAR – (Research or Conference Account Request) Used to request an additional award line to an existing award or to request the establishment of a Fixed Price Consolidation Account (FPCA) for a department or Principle Investigator. BPPM 40.07

SPAR – (Sponsored Project Activity Request) Used to request a re-budget of allocated funds within an award.

GUAR – Guarantee (uses SPAR form – Sponsored Project Activity Request) Used to request a new award, additional award lines or extend existing award lines in Workday to allow spending before WSU has received a fully executed agreement.

Chart shows the minimum information needed and required approvals per request type.

Award Number
Grant Number
Principal Investigator (PI) ApprovalXXXX
Dept. Chair ApprovalXXX
Dean/Director ApprovalX
Excel SpreadsheetXXX
*RCAR-FPCA: the Setup Team processes the new FPCA setup and the Award Management team manages award transfers.

Approving Officer: Principal Investigator/Director, Department Chair, Dean/Director (required for guarantee)