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Workday for Grants Launched January 1, 2021

Find more information about the Workday launch for Finance and Grants on the Modernization Team’s website


Workday Training Catalog

Glossary of Workday Terms & Terminology Crosswalk

Reporting Resources & Report Inventory by Role

Workday Resources for Faculty

Award Budget to Actuals RG & Dashboard Configuration RG

Workday-related questions, concerns, or requests for assistance should be directed to the Workday Service Desk.  


Legacy to Workday Element Crosswalk

Note: if, when you click the link below, the page loads with “this page has no content” please choose the Dashboards dropdown menu at the top-right and scroll down to WSU Modernization Crosswalks – Finance.  Then use the various built-in crosswalks and filters to find the information you’re looking for.

Please read the note above before going to this OBIEE crosswalk, which is a great tool for translating legacy elements to Workday elements, which you can export to Excel for easy slicing and filtering.