Sponsored Programs Services F&A Costs Federal & Non-Federal - FY 1995
10Department of Agriculture$368,958
11Department of Commerce$61,847
12Department of Defense$709,883
14Department of Housing & Urban Dev$4,156
15Department of Interior$88,605
16Department of Justice$22,017
17Department of Labor$0
19Department of State$629,619
20Department of Transportation$41,677
27Office of Personnel Management$0
43National Aeronautics & Space Admin$161,108
45National Foundation – Arts & Humanities$11,571
47National Science Foundation$1,365,828
59Small Business Administration$172,645
62Tennessee Valley Authority$0
64Department of Veteran Affairs$20
66Environmental Protection Agency$214,506
81Department of Energy$1,468,642
82U.S. Information Agency$0
83Federal Emergency Management Assoc.$0
84Department of Education$416,949
93Department of Health & Human Services$2,080,835
94Corporation for National Broadcasting$0
99Miscellaneous Federal Agencies$0
 Prior yr program correction$0
 Total – Federal Sponsors$7,818,866
 Total – Non-federal Sponsors$979,852
 Total – Federal & Non-federal Sponsors$8,798,718
 Federal – International Projects$462,496